Panamerican Journal of Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery
Volume 9 | Issue 1 | Year 2020

In Memoriam

José Félix Patiño Restrepo

The Colombian Association of Surgery is heartbroken due to the demise of Professor José Félix Patiño Restrepo, MD, FACS (Hon). He was the founder, honorary member, president of the Asociacion Colombiana de Cirugia and Master of the Colombia Surgery.

Dr Patiño finished his studies at Yale School of Medicine in 1952, graduating with thesis honors and the Borden Prize. The thesis, entitled “The transplantation of embryonic endocrine tissues”, includes the first and unique in the literature, successful transplantation of the suprarenal cortex in a patient with Addison’s disease. He completed his major in general, thoracic, and cardiovascular surgery and his residency in surgery at Yale. During his time at Yale, he developed the “cavopulmonary shunt for the treatment of certain congenital heart abnormalities. Today it is known as “shunt of Patiño-Glenn”.

During his 60-year career, Dr Patiño made numerous contributions to medicine, education, and social welfare in Colombia and the world. He authored hundreds of indexed scientific articles and numerous books of medicine and surgery. Dr Patiño served as the director of the Association of Medical Colleges, Minister of Health, Rector of the National University, and president of the National Academy of Medicine, founder of the Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogota Hospital and the School of Medicine at Los Andes University. He was the president of the International Society of Surgery (ISS) and a Latin American Federation of Surgery (FELAC), and the World Journal of Surgery editor.

For medicine and surgery in Colombia, Dr Patiño meant everything. He was a teacher, a mentor, and an example to follow for all.

“With the death of Dr Patiño, a giant of medicine, surgery, and the academy of the world, died. At the same time, a legend for eternity is born”.

Lilian Torregrosa, MD, FACS


Hernando Abaunza, MD, FACS (Hon)

Past President and Past Executive Director

Oswaldo Borraez, MD, FACS

Past President

William Sanchez M, MD, FACS

Executive Director and Past President

On behalf of the Asociacion Colombiana de Cirugía

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