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Traffic Injuries: Peer-educational Prevention: Still the Best Solution?

Adonis Nasr, Phillipe Abreu-Reis, Iwan A Collaco, Flavio S Tomasich, Thais Takamura, Caroline LBD Bosco, Lucas de S Benatti, Carolina Oldoni, Geovanna AL de Souza, Pedro A de A Goes, Ana L Bettega, Jean R Novais, Jessica Romanelli

Keywords : Basic school, Peer-educational prevention, Traffic injuries, Trauma

Citation Information : Nasr A, Abreu-Reis P, Collaco IA, Tomasich FS, Takamura T, Bosco CL, Benatti LD, Oldoni C, de Souza GA, de A Goes PA, Bettega AL, Novais JR, Romanelli J. Traffic Injuries: Peer-educational Prevention: Still the Best Solution?. Panam J Trauma Crit Care Emerg Surg 2018; 7 (3):199-203.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10030-1225

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 01-03-2019

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2018; The Author(s).


Introduction: In 2013, there were 159.152 admissions to hospitals related to traffic injuries. Considering all sorts of external causes, traffic injuries constitute a significant portion, accounting for more than 20% of deaths. The aim of this study is to assess children's perception on traumatic events surveyed by medical students as well as identify if the peer-educational in private or public schools have the same impact. Methods of research: A prospective interventional comparative cohort study with children from a basic school in the city of Curitiba-PR. A survey with a large number of questions on road safety issues, traffic behavioral issue and 8 decision-making questions about traffic scenarios was applied from May to June 2016, before and after a peer-educational lecture on prevention of traffic injuries. Results: When comparing the results of public and private schools between themselves, it can be observed that on the private schools the average score on the first exam was of 77.62% and of 78.37% on the second one. However on public schools the average was of 68.75% on the first test and on the second exam the average was the exact same of the private schools result on it, 78.37%. Summing up, the public schools average had an improvement of 14% compared to the first test, with a significant difference, p = 0.01370. While on the pretest, t here was an average score of 6.21 in private schools and 5.5 in public ones, with p = 0.0000013, in the post-lecture, the average score on private and public schools was of 6.27, resulting in p < 0.0000001. Conclusion: Our prevention activity aiming to identify where we could have greater impact, resulted on us observing that private schools had lower results and the impact was better in public schools.

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